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The first Monday of May marks an important date for the fashion industry: the annual Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala. The fanciest red carpet of the year, where guests (all personally invited by Vogue’s editor Anna Wintour, and wealthy enough to pay $25,000 for an individual ticket) are expected to dress according to a theme, that  traditionally reflects the latest luxurious exhibit of the Costume Institute. 
This year theme/exhibit is called “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology”. An ambitious project aimed to explore the blurring line between handmade fashion and machine-made fashion: a tribute to the technological evolution of the fashion industry.
Therefore it is no surprise to see Apple as a sponsor of the event. 
Honorary chairs have been reserved to Karl Lagerfeld, Miuccia Prada and Nicolas Ghesquière; the host of the night was of course Anna Wintour, while this year’s co-hosts happened to be Apple's chief design officer Jonathan Ive, Taylor Swift and Idris Elba. 

All the biggest names in fashion and Hollywood gathered together in New York to strut on the red carpet, but who was the queen of the night? Which designer managed to stand out in the crowd? Any worst dressed?
Watch out stars & designers: if the dress is bad we would tell it!
Mark my words, because this is the most brutally honest review you will find on the internet: at #TEB we do not care about famous names or brands’ reputations, no one paid us to feature a specific opinion, so take a seat because it is going to be fun...


Claire Danes in Zac Posen
To everyone thinking "so what, isn't this a typical Posen's design", well shut up. 
It glows in the dark!! 
Genius idea and amazing tailoring: Posen is definitely the go-to-designer when it comes to the MET.
Isn't this the look of the year?
zac posen glowing gown


Beyoncé in Givenchy
As you know I wasn't a fan of her naked "gown" last year, because to me it had nothing to do with the particular theme of the night. However I can't say the same about this year's latex number: I love it. It's daring, as her character, and might not feel comfortable, but the design is exquisite in my eyes. However let me state a fact: this is definitely one of those dresses that works only on specific people. Definitely not for everyone.
beyonce met gala

Zendaya in Michael Kors
This look oozes luxury from every angle: the design feels old school but the embellishment is a modern touch. The styling? A show-stopper.
zendaya met gala

Sienna Miller in Gucci
Given the night's theme, I was wondering how Gucci would have perfomed...Well, looking at this metallic gown on Sienna I would say: so good.
gucci red carpet

Katy Perry in Prada
Costumy, I agee. Especially the styling, but can we talk about the dress? It fits the theme to the bone.
katy perry met gala

Kate Hudson in Versace
As you will witness through this review, this will happen to be the only decent Versace gown of the entire event. Trust me.
Back to the dress, I like the construction and how it fits Kate, althought the styling could have been more dramatic.
kate hudson met gala

Olivia Wilde in Michael Kors
Maternity style with an edge. Definitely old school in the design, but still a good choice for the gala.
olivia wilde pregnant

Nicole Kidman in Alexander McQueen
Finally Ms Kidman wears something we can all agree on liking. Pure elegance.
nicole kidman met gala


Blake Lively in Burberry
It took me a while to appreciate this: the cape brings on all the drama, but was it enough? The handcraft was beautiful, indeed this blush pink silk-organza design counts hand-dyed and sewn perspex petals. However I didn't feel the futuristic vibe.
blake lively gossip girl

Nina Dobrev in Marchesa
A cute and elegant look. I am sure that at a closer look the embellishment would feel amazing, however with no 'wow effects' à la Zac Posen, this gown seems more appropriate for a 'Gone with the wind' revival.
nina dobrev red carpet

Jessica Chastain in Prada
No sign of future, just classic yet exquisite details. Besides I still have to find a blue gown that doesn't do justice to Jessica's beauty.
jessica chastain red carpet

Lea Seydoux in Louis Vuitton
The French actress made her official debut on the MET's red carpet wearing as expected a Louis Vuitton design, as she was recently announced as the new face of the historical brand.
However, I don't even know if we can consider this a gala-worthy look, though Lea oozes class and mistery. Besides, note that this is the only decent Louis Vuitton outfit of the night.
lea seydoux louis vuitton

Emily Blunt in Michael Kors
How many times have we seen this design? Many. 
Luckily for Michael Kors, I am one of those who never gets tired to see it on a red red carpet.
emily blunt the girl on the train

Kate Bosworth in Dolce&Gabbana
A highly embellished look, no doubt, but I only like it from the waist-up.

Zoey Deutch in Dolce&Gabbana
A good living advertise for Dolce&Gabbana: out of theme, but it is impossible to call this not gala-worthy.
zoey dutch red carpet

Zoe Saldana in Dolce&Gabbana
And the "Longest train award" goes to...Zoe!
Something tells me that with a shorter train, I wouldn't have paid attention to this look: not a fan, I know how to prise a drama-queen when I see one.
zoe saldana met gala


Taylor Swift in Louis Vuitton
So Anna Wintour spent Vogue's money to give Taylor Swift an extreme makeover, the May cover of the magazine, the title of co-host at the 2016 Met Gala...and a dress perfect for the VMA?
Not Impressed.
taylor swift platinum hair

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West in Balmain
This Balmain/Kardashian/Jenner/West affair should come to an end. I am sure that MsD would have used more flattering words to describe this circus, I will try to emulate her.
Why forcing the styling that far? To keep the focus off the clothes?
Blue contacts, a questionable make up and denim on the MET gala's red carpet: reconsider your crush on Balmain, because ther is nothing appealing here.
kim kardashian balmain

Kylie Jenner in Balmain
A thousand times better than Kim Kardashian, but still plain.
Plus, the entire presentation aged this young girl of ten years.
kylie jenner lip kit

Dakota Johnson in Gucci
Dakota Johnson and the new wave of Gucci designs are a match made in heaven...but not this time, and especially with futuristic theme.
dakota johnson fifty shades darker

Lupita Nyong'o in Calvin Klein
The dress is nothing special, even if I like the color on her skin. The hair represent a desperate move to make the dress feel relevant.
lupita nyong'o hair

Emma Stone in Prada
This is a hard one, because everything looks beautiful, but I can't help myself from seeing this as a last minute design-idea. 
emma stone red carpet

FKA Twigs in Versace
I would have never told that this was a Donatella Versace design...because basically there is no actual design, just ideas badly mixed together.
fka twigs

Saoirse Ronan in Christopher Kane
Ok those fluffy feathers are giving me nightmares...especially those on the hem. Christopher Kane would never be on my favourites list. 
saoirse ronan red carpet

Ciara in H&M
A questionable retro/goth styled wig and a nude tent. Nice catch CiCi.
ciara red carpet

Hailee Steinfeld in H&M
The styling is so cheap that it hurts, while the dress couldn't be less predictable.
hailee steinfeld

Sarah Jessica Parker in Monse
As soon as I got a glimpse at SJP look I thought I was looking at a vintage red carpet photo. No way that this could be a recent red carpet look from the American actress. I was wrong. 
I have never thought that I would say this one day, but Sarah Jessica Parker totaly failed a Met Gala's theme.
sarah jessica parker met gala

Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton
I like Alicia Vikander for Louis Vuitton, but after seeing her awards season look, this one feels like a joke. 
It fits the theme, but not the gala.
alicia vikander lara croft


Selena Gomez in Louis Vuitton
Let's close the discussion on Louis Vuitton with the worst look ever presented at the gala. I am so sorry that Selena was the one choosen to wear it.
selena gomez met gala

Kristen Stewart in Chanel
I would never understand Chanel's fascination for Kristen Stewart...
kristen stewart chanel

Kerry Washington in Marc Jacobs
I would love to copy and paste what I wrote about Sarah Jessica Parker here.
How could anyone style a beautiful pregnant woman like this?
kerry washington pregnant

Emma Watson in Calvin Klein
Emma Watson is known for her tastefull yet modern fashion sense. This time I feel like we are not ready to understand and appreciate this outfit.
It is just ugly.
emma watson style

Rachel McAdams in Valentino haute couture
I don't know how a Valentino design could be featured among the worst looks of the night. 
However there is nothing remotely appealing about this dress.

Rita Ora in Vera Wang
Among my few certainties in life comes Rita Ora featured in - as usual - the worst dressed list.
The girl has definitely a talent...
rita ora red carpet

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen in The Row
Should I really comment this?
gemelle olsen

Nicki Minaj in custom Moschino
Custom made: when a designer manufactures a one of a kind look for the customer.
In the fashion industry this is a form of respect and esteem to the client by the designer.
The problem is when the designer is called Jeremy Scott...
moschino fashion designs

Zayn Malik in Versace
The most ridiculous man suit I have ever seen.
He might be Gigi's boyfriend, but doesn't he look like an accessory to his plus-one?
gigi hadid zayn malik

Lady Gaga in Versace
Let me resume the Versace's styling crescendo: Kate Hudson, FKA Twigs, Zayn Malik and now Lady Gaga.
lady gaga new music

Madonna in Givenchy
For those who "Madonna will be always ahead of Lady Gaga", you are right.
madonna met gala

written by: Stella

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