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Altro giro, altro "regalo" da Hollywood!
"Good" news from Hollywood!
Vi ricordate il cartone animato degli anni 80 "Jem and the Holograms"?
Ecco, Hollywood ha ben pensato, tra trilogie infinite e pellicole porno di bassa lega (vedi Cinquanta Sfumature di Grigio ), di portare sugli schermi l'adattamento cinematografico dell'ascesa a superstar di queste quattro sorelle di provincia con la passione per la musica.
Do you remember the 1980s cartoon classic "Jem and the Holograms"
Well, Hollywood has decided, after producing interminable trilogies and poor quality porno movies (see Fifty Shades of Grey), to take to theaters the live action version of the cartoon: the story of four aspiring musicians sisters from a small town to global success.

Un classico degli anni '80 con un fanbase mondiale: il trailer del film, in uscita nelle sale dal 23 ottobre, è stato pubblicato a sorpresa pochi giorni fa...ma con risultati davvero imbarazzanti.
A 1980s classic with a worldwide fanbase: the official trailer of the movie, hitting theatres on October 23, has just been released...with really embarrasing results.

I commenti ironici non si sono fatti attendere, ecco i migliori da Youtube :
Here some hilarious comments from Youtube:

  • Is this an updated version of Hannah Montana?
  • This is the WORST butchering I have ever seen EVER!! This movie has nothing to do with the attitude, music, and overall quality of the original Jem and the Holograms! Absolutely AWFUL.  I was cringing the entire time watching this trailer. Please, just cancel the movie and save face while its still possible.
  • I haven't seen a film adaptation this bad since Dragonball Z. HOW DO YOU MAKE A JEM MOVIE WITHOUT THE HOLOGRAMS!?
  • Okay, how dumb can movie companies be?  You could have easily fully embraced the 80s charm, aesthetic, and over-the-top fashion of Jem– ALL OF WHICH ARE VERY MUCH POPULAR AND IN STYLE NOW, and made a fortune off of nostalgia.  Instead you had to set it in the modern day, with the most generic storyline possible, and slap the name Jem onto it as if it has anything to do with the cartoon.  Why?  Do you hate making money?  Are you intentionally trying to sabotage the film?  Are you out to completely alienate your original audience?  How many "focus groups" did it take to water this film down to unrecognizable garbage?
written by: Claudia

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