ZOOLANDER No. 2 : Get your Blue Steel ready!

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Zoolander 2 review
Seven days left to see our fashion hero once more: Derek Zoolander.
In a sequel to the 2001 self-iteled comedy, Zoolander will be back again to save popstars from all over the world. The man who probably invented the duck face, the most powerful face to get thousands of likes for a selfie, has retired, but now the world needs his help and especially the Global Fashion Division of Interpole.
So Derek, Hansel and the agent Montana Grosso are going to collaborate to foil the most dangerous plan of annihilation against popstars. And guess who is the so devilish mind? Mugatu, of course!

The film is set in Rome, produced and distributed by the Paramount and Ben Stiller is the main character: what an amazing combination!
We already know that Ben Stiller is a great comedian and he is very versatile too: he acted in many different cult movies, such as Night at the museum, The secret life of Walter Mitty and Zoolander
His partner in this story is the blonde Hansel, interpreted by another great, funny, charismatic and handsome actor, Owen Wilson.
The maleficent Mugatu is naturally played by the evil actor par excellence, Will Ferrell; moreover, there is a new entry in Zoolander’s cast this year: the sensual Penelope Cruz. The beautiful Spanish actress plays agent Grosso from the GFD, who used to be a swimwear model, but unfortunately she couldn’t reach the top because of her “bighearted” figure, which will turn useful during their mission!

Among the celebrities involved, real duck-face lovers like the selfie icons Kim K, her husband Kanye West, the not-that-teen-by-now idol Justin Bieber, Usher, Demi Lovato, Lenny Kravitz and so on. But if you want to know the terrible circumstances of their "deaths", you have to see the film, out on 12th February (11th February in Italy).
Zoolander 2 review
Zoolander & Cara Delevigne in Paris
This might not be the best movie you’ve ever seen in your entire life, or just in the last year, but movies are not always made for make you think, cry or change opinion about something and I’m pretty sure that Zoolander is not going to do that at all. After seeing this movie, you are not going to change your ideas about fashion, models, stylists or anything that deals with the fashion world, but at least, and I am definitely sure this time, you are going to have a good belly laugh about it.

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written by: Beatrice

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