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Launched in 2012, #TEB has finally transitioned from a naive fashion blog to a young web magazine: mark this site as your ultimate source about the world of fashion & entertainment.
New columns have been added to the main scheduling, and the old ones have gone through a makeover, just like the logo and the blog layout.
In spite of these several changes, #TEB wit, passion and creativity are still there: whether we are talking about a red carpet coverage, a fashion show review, seasonal trends, beauty secrets or simply analyzing hot topics or giving you cooking lessons, #TEB voice will still speak its mind with no filters.

General inquires:

Time to meet the #TEB family:

Well, I guess that everything starts with me and my love for writing and fashion: I realized how deep my passion was, when I took my Economics degree, discussing a thesis about Coco Chanel & the development of the Italian fashion industry. #TrueStory
Creating this project has not been easy, but I am really proud of my little creature; watching how it is developing is quite entertaining and I believe I am not going to stop any sooner.
I might be the brain of #TEB, the one that got the first glimpse of the dream and worked hard day-and-night to make it come true, but believe me when I say that my ambition alone could not have make it without the support of the insanely talented people I am about to introduce you to…

Basically the eyes of #TEB and one of my most trusted advisors.
I have fallen in love with her photography aesthetics, so natural and young, almost immediately, while she got captivated by the blog and the creative challenge it was representing. 
Beside providing beautiful photos, featured in the section #TEB Exclusives, she also plays a major role in the #TEB Essentials column, sharing her personal styling tips for the seasonal must-have.

See more of Phranci’s works on her personal blog.

The precious, original and fearless voice of the Fashion section. A real fashion lover: there is little she does not know about designers, fashion trends and models! She is the one that launched the Reality Check column, where basically no one is safe: it girls, designers, models, editors, celebrities…brace yourselves because she is the fashion police! Her main contribute is featured in the Fashion section, and more specifically in the following columns: runway, reality check, models on social media, and #TEB Essentials.

Keep up with MsD on Twitter.

We do not want to hide our Italian origin, but since #TEB needed to be comprehensible to everyone, I knew that the team needed to develop an international voice…and here comes Claudia, the international soul of #TEB. Sometimes I like to think about her as the English teacher of my dreams: beside managing the language of the articles, she is always by my side when it comes to do interviews (featured in the #TEB Exclusives section) or write beautiful posts for the blog. 

Check Claudia’s Linkedin profile.

He has the music in his blood, a beautiful voice, a heart full of ambition and has survived a national talent show: what else can I say to introduce such a talented friend? You first have met him on #TEB through an interview and a few articles, but now you will see him as a regular on the Music section. Each month he will entertain us with the hottest trends in the international music industry…oh and if you are lucky you might be gifted with an exclusive cover!

Keep up with Leslie on his Facebook page

She is the one that helps us to enhance our beautiful self. 
Since her magic hands are the cherry-on-top of our photoshoots, we thought that it was a good idea to gift her with a real Beauty column, where she could deliver some beauty secrets or simply review the best makeup seen on runways or red carpets. Her creativity usually goes wild on Halloween, when she can create real cool and spooky masks. 

Keep up with Marta on her Facebook page

The one that could resume #TEB with a dish.
After some funny and yummy interviews, Marco a.k.a Le Prince has officially become a regular on #TEB; where? In the new Food section of course! Each month our favourite pâtissier and cooking expert will delight us with a tasty and original recipe that you all can try at home! 

Get your aprons ready! 

New Entry

Get your popcorn ready! 


So, let me guess...would you like to sit with us now?


#TEB crew

Written by: Stella & Claudia
Photography: Phranci
Make up: Marta

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