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"Life is too short to wear boring accessories"

Can I get an 'amen' for this quote? 
As much as I favour simple silhouettes in clothing, I have also proved to you my insane love for loud accessories and unique ones, perfect to enhance an outfit and your mood as well.
Need an example? Just take a look at your phone’s case: whether funny or not it does reflect your character and improve your mood anytime you look at it.

I have embraced this philosophy on a warm Sunday afternoon, when I dolled myself up for test shoots around the city with #TEB’s photography-talent Phranci: the light was good, the outfit on point, the camera ready…only my character needed an injection of confidence & casualness to strike poses in public and deliver good pictures!

How did I overcome shyness?
TOO LATE's accessories & 3 easy steps!

I know it sounds fancy, but there is no limit to the power of Made-in-Italy fashionable goods, take a look:

1) Music
To be honest the right playlist can even turn traffic jam into to your “happy place”: I have made my statement matching my earphones to my Clubber mod. single bracelet, the first music-jewel designed by Too Late.
TOO LATE accessories

2) Energy
Since starving will not take you anywhere, between takes I tried to enjoy a sweet juice (apple, carrot and ginger: my new essential!) and shift to a more romantic bracelet for the following pictures: chic butterflies at my wrist thanks to 2L8 LAB Voilà collection.
TOO LATE accessories
wearing: 2L8LAB VOILA' bracelet (mod. Butterfly Acquamarine)& 3D HANDBAG

3) Have Fun!
Working with natural light is beautiful but also challenging: do not waste time, because once the sun is gone there is no turning back! 
Sometimes the best way to avoid being stressed about the timing is to free your mind, smile and let your instinct do the talking...ok, ok, keep an eye on the Too Late's Mash-up slim lord wristwatch anyway! 
TOO LATE accessories

As the sun went down we knew the shooting was over: time chill & plan the next project on my 2L8 LAB #SAVETHEDATE bracelet!
There are several ways to award yourself after a challenging day (in Blogger-land): popcorns+movie, some motivational quotes, online shopping, a night out with your friend...
(If you select the last option make sure to involve a Cosmopolitan!)
TOO LATE accessories

Have you fallen in love with the youthful & modern feel of Too Late's designs as much as I do?
Then start to add Too Late's accessories in your daily life and follow them on social media : Too Late is on Facebook and Instagram !

#TEB Shoot
Photographer: Phranci
Model (kind of): Stella
Accessories/Jewels: TOO LATE
Location: Brescia
written by: Stella

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