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And so it ends, another year full of dreams, challenges, happy moments & sad ones...

This year has shaped my mind, my heart and my determination in pursuing my ambitions and this blog of course.
Looking back, I do not regret anything, because what I have done has helped me becoming the young woman I am today.
#TEB has evolved from a timid diary to a cool news blog, but more than this #TEB has become part of me and my family: I was alone when I started this journey 3 years ago, with no clue about where this could have led me or how much this would have changed me. It seems a playful hobby but running a blog is a real full time job: you need a lot of passion and determination not to be discouraged by the several challenges associated with it. 
I have faced many storms alone, but this helped me overcoming my fears and meeting a group a people that would have changed my life forever.
I am so thrilled to be finally able to say that I have an amazing team behind my back. 
They are young, talented and love this blog as much as I do, in one way or another: Phranci and her beautiful pictures, MsD and her fearless tongue, Claudia and her amazing writing abilities, Leslie and his indeniable talent for music, Marco and his delicious dishes, Marta and her beauty secrets.
I mean it guys, you are the best!

I guess this is the reason that triggered my ambition even further: #TEB is no more my little fashion corner, but a real and fearless news blog that is not afraid to speak its mind about fashion and entertainment industry. 
If you are looking for fun, you are in the right place!

Think about #TEB as your best friend, the one that would never lie to you, the one that would tell you straight in the face:

2016 will be our renaissance: new juicy columns, new logo, new graphic, new articles and much more fun!

We will take a little time off from the internet to spend time with our families and beloved ones, but...
we will back on JANUARY 7th with a brand new look!

So keep an eye on us, because the best is yet to come.


#TEB Shoot
Photographer: Phranci
Model (kind of): Stella
Location: (Desenzano) Lake Garda

written by: Stella

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